Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When two astronomers meet

Beneath Taurus glinting red eye
When the Persied showers trail
With the sting of scorpio’s tail
We will meet - you and I.

You will give me a ring (nebula) or two
And I shall name a galaxy after you
Tell me which one you would like
Shall we gift a comet instead of a bike?

We shall catch a pelican by its beak
Take a trip to North Americas peak?
The Great Attractor shall be like naught
For the fiery passions that we shall wrought.

For a lock of Andromeda’s hair my love
Will you cross the Milky Way?
Navigate through the Magellanic clouds
And meet me at heaven’s gate?**

The zodiacal lights still shine
And the aurora borealis is bright
But the hourglass says we must part
The veil of distance must drop.

Till the next time we meet - Orange
Red, blueshift, ultraviolet, infrared
These colours would be like nothing.
Till then life will be but a sack of coals.

(** - could not find a reference for that. but "Heaven's Gate" made up of four stars is the region between Auriga and Perseus through which the entire zodiac passes through as far as I remember from a night sky observation trip I went to. )

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Udhari var chya prema lar arthach kay?

A serenade on a midsummer night
I was not the singer nor the singee
But I was just the look out
To make sure no one else came.

A glance stolen but never returned.
A question asked but never answered.
A thousand conversations all in my head.

Borrowed love on borrowed time.
Teri pan he mana la kon sangnar?

Messages back and forth
All passed through me
I was the guy’s best friend
And the girl’s first cousin.

Ji kavita amcha sathi lihleli nahi
ter ma tyache point ach kay?

I was just a messenger
But you never noticed me
M’lady was happy and
That made me ecstatic.

But this I promise in
Another birth, another lifetime
I will move heaven and earth
To make you mine.

[This is a flight of fantasy. Extrapolations into real life will be summarily shot down or decapitated whichever is more painful. To people who have been pained by reading this - too bad, take some aspirin.

To give credit/discredit where it is due - the first line was made up by Nikhil in a correspondence and the idea of mixing up two languages was Raamesh's. ]