Thursday, March 08, 2007

Flights of Fancy

If it were the Victorian age, I would have been a sailor going sailing on any ship that I fancied chasing wild ideas of my capitan, rejoicing at success, paying with my blood for the mistakes that I have made, careless and free as a bird.

If it were the medieval period, I would have been a solider of fortune, trying my luck as things went along, working for whoever paid me, running after imaginary riches and scouting them out to lay them at the feet of my master who has hired me.

If were the dark ages, I would have been a knight, loyal to my King, propounding His Royal Highness' word through the land, making sure that His rule is never disrupted, advocating his law and promises to distant lands and decimating his detractors at risk of my life and limb.

In this age I am a Ph.D student still doing pretty much all these things.