Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The masquerade

In olden times, they would have masquerade balls where you could dress up as someone else complete with a mask. The point being that once you are anonymous you would be less inhibited to do things that you would normally not do.

The internet however has brought this 'charade' to a whole new level.

You can write blogs and pretend to be someone else, more extroverted, more bold than you are in real life or be more knowledgeable, more sensitive than is fashionably allowed.

You can have profiles on Orkut with fancy names like Microchip, or Supernova Shockwave or some totally random hep name. The name could reflect your research interests, other interests or something you love

With this anonymous ID you can proceed to conquer the world or demolish it as you like.

And your real persona hangs behind in the shadows - quite unassuming and unaware.

Anonymity is a great thing. Wearing a mask even greater. At this point the more pragmatic would say that all people in life wear a mask but that would be too much philosophy for a day.

Then there are the commentators who leave anon comments. Funny thing is that most of the times (99.9%) they have nice things to say. If only I knew who they where I would thank them properly. But it’s alright. I suppose.

So if you are new to blogging or the internet,

Put on a virtual mask and join in the modern masquerade ball!

(Picture obtained from here)

Monday, September 11, 2006

My latest obsession

No. not the drummer boy in the picture.

The Drums!

I had a chance to hear live drums last week and what a mind blowing experience that was. I want to buy Sivamani CD as soon as I decide which one.

Of course the ultimate would be a drum kit! Better start saving for it right now.

But then my obsessions never last longer than a flap of butterfly wings. So maybe I will wait till this one wears out.

(picture courtesy of G. )

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Like the waves of the sea
Up and down

Heavens own
Two violins

Playing together
Like sand and shoal

Bound from eternity
A storm raging in the ocean

And the silence after
At the same time

Like a celestial dance of
The immortals.

To have those tunes
Forever in my head

To close my eyes
And see it again.

What joy to be alive!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ode to Morpheus

With pupils dilated
And rose tinted glasses

An explosion inside your brain
That face that said bye from the plane

When will I see it again?
I may not see it again at all

When everyone is witty
And you are the wittiest of them all

One more drink you say
One more that will wash all cares away

One more and then I shall
Call it a day.