Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Encore

Once more
Said the raving crowds
Once more
“The symphony again!”

That music they said was
Like a thousand springs
Like diamond rain.

But SHE turned away
Turned and walked out
Did not look back.

That my mind’s hand pointed
Is the reason for this symphony
That sweet face and red lips.
The symphony was for her
My heart shouted.

But I the performer
Have a life to live
And money to earn.

I lifted my baton
Laughed and smiled
Tore my heart from
My chest and started
The Encore.

(Inspired by the name of band I came across called Thee by Encore.)


Vivek said...

Very touching!

RAVi said...

Sounds like a great group, but need to brush up on my tamil before even trying to listen to them... no fun in listening to a song, unless u understand the meaning right ?

thanks for the music, and btw, the poem is nice too. :)

Ozymandias said...

very cute poem.

samudrika said...

Thank you. looks you taken to blogging again!

I was so enamoured by the name that i never bothered to hear their music.