Monday, September 11, 2006

My latest obsession

No. not the drummer boy in the picture.

The Drums!

I had a chance to hear live drums last week and what a mind blowing experience that was. I want to buy Sivamani CD as soon as I decide which one.

Of course the ultimate would be a drum kit! Better start saving for it right now.

But then my obsessions never last longer than a flap of butterfly wings. So maybe I will wait till this one wears out.

(picture courtesy of G. )


oook said...

Well then you should hear Sivamani and Zakir Hussain jam live... Or Taufiq and his team...

Amazing stuff!

samudrika said...

i hope i get them at planet m. keeping my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

The best rhythmic sound is produced by Tabla. Mridung is also good but not in the context of the sort of semi-classical music I like.

Tabla is the symbol of teamwork and two people being tuned in perfectly. Many successful concerts and, in another context, happy marriages depend on such principles. Otherwise, each partner may find two things wrong with the other - whatever he/she says and whatever he/she does!

Your wish to learn drums is probably symbolic as regards your future plans. May God bless you and give you success in all your endeavours.