Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas

Regular readers of this blog would know about what a sucker I am for English songs with an Indian twist.

Someone called Boymongoose remixed my favourite Christmas carol.

Take a look!

For the Flash player challenged here are some of the words

"On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me...

Twelve cricket ball tamperers
Eleven syllable names
Ten-minute yoga ..."

etc etc.

But do check the way he says it - simBly brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Views of an old Indian in the UK


They say I am an old man - and they are right,
So am I, when things of the past seem bright,
England was good, some forty years ago,
I often wonder, how quickly the time did go!

We had Police; P for Polite, O for Obedient, L for Loyal,
Intelligent, Courageous and Efficient – one and all
I wonder if it’s true now, when an innocent man gets shot
Beard and brown skin mean bad news for the lot!

In an ideal world, we must have a blend of things
Art and work, willpower and sacrifice, intellect and feelings
A society vibrant with words, tears and good actions
But we now have only individuals - full of greed and nothing else!

We are different and far better than any European
We must keep our Pint, our Pound and our Sovereign
But where is our identity, if we always follow Mr Bush
In his war for oil, where our soldiers die in ambush!

Our building work is worse, than anywhere in Europe
Our Wembley is too late and we have an empty Dome
Germans own our water and the French run our trains!
Chinese have our Rover cars! Does this make any sense?

We lost British things, one by one that were great
But the world has done much worse, in losing a whole planet!
There were nine before, with their names known with a verse
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies
(Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto)

With Pluto gone, there are only eight remaining
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nothing?
I hope the Earth won’t explode and vanish the same way
My Very Mother Just Served Us Nuts! A Martian child may say!

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

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