Sunday, May 06, 2007

Writing on a wall.

No matter how many times it happens it always hurts the most.

The strange part is that I thought that it would get easier with time. But it has not.

It has gotten worse.

This pain when someone whom you like and trust betrays you. When someone who you think is a good friend, turns their back on you.

I wish I would grow up soon. But I don’t. I am just a kid at heart – for whom the world is new and still full of possibilities and joys unexplored - na├»ve and trusting and believing.

Sometimes I think it is better than I have not grown up. Because I am afraid that if I did, I would become bitter. And that would definitely be the end of my world.

Now listening to – I never gonna dance again – George Micheal.


GreyArea said...

Isn't the song "Careless Whisper?"

samudrika said...

yea. but i like that line the best. *shrugs*