Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A bouquet of links!

Past few days I have come across some links that are profound, some that are memorable and others just plain hilarious. Happiness shared is happiness multiplied and all that sentimental junk. Therefore, I put them here.

WARNING: Pursue only when you have ample time on your hands!

1) Would you like to have some coffee? I never thought that those seven words could have such powerful connotations. Here is a discussion about a female scientist who was asked for coffee by a male colleague and what followed. Of course underlying all this is the question about whether the double X and the Y chromosome can ever have a platonic relationship. (From Nanopolitan's blog)

2) Asimov has always been a perennial favourite. My deepest, darkest secret- I always wanted to be like Dr. Susan Calvin. From Arjun's blog got this amazing short story by Asimov that made me look at computers in a new light. Oooops, did I just give the ending away?

3) I like satire. One person who used to write the best satire I know, has now stopped blogging unfortunately. But then there is always David Letterman. A collection of David Letterman videos! (I actually thought I would post this as an antidote to post V-day blues.) My favourite - Ten things that would sound creepy when said by John Malkovich.

4) Also listen to the songs of Taxi No. 9211.Something different to come out of Bollywood for a change. I particularly recommend Ek Nazar Mein Bhi. I have problems with the song Azmale Azmale, when he goes, 'Beech ka parda uthale'. Huh?


kray said...

As always, Asimov does not fail to amaze, mystify, thrill!!
Thanks for the link!! :)

Anonymous said...

the link does not work

Anonymous said...


The link is alright, I (and many others) have read the story. Seems like adin.dyndns.org is down for some time. Happy waiting :)

samudrika said...

Uber-cool story, no?

The link is working now. Read it fast before it goes down again. You won't regret it.

Thank you for the clarification. You made my day.

kray said...

totally!!!! :) arrey but I was kinda more impressed by one of the stories tha tmake up I, Robot. The one about the robot that divines ppl's thoughts/desires or something...

Ozymandias said...

"The Republic of a Room!" Ha, ha! That was a good one. Good to see you back in the blogosphere!

Shubham said...

hi samudrika,
thanks for dropping in on my blog and appreciating my poem..
some of the posts on ur blog are wonderful as well..

samudrika said...

if it is short story that you are talking about, is it the one where the robot pretends to like the lonely housewife, just to make her feel better?

Will try to post something soon.

They pale in comparision to Arbit Choudary. :D

kray said...

ok, as far as I remember, it's not exactly a short-story, just one of the stories linked up to make up I, Robot. and this is the one in which the robot makes susan calvin think that some chap is in love with her, just so she doesnt feel hurt that he isnt. types. I'll put up link sometime, somewhere.

Shubham said...

so u like arbit choudhury too.. thanks.. :)
can i link ur blog on mine??

samudrika said...

That clears things up. Must read I, Robot sometime.

Link away. No problimo, dude!

oook said...

Cool! The Last Question is my favourite Asimov short too... Besides the short shorts he wrote that ended in puns!