Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Silver Lining

My experiments are not working these days and I dont know where to take them. Anyways, I will not bore you with the details.

But once in a while even a failed experiment can be a great source of pleasure. Like this one. Isn't the picture worthy of Picasso himself?

For your information that is my model system - immature fruit fly sperms!


musafir said...

I am a real amateur in modern art, but it sure looks a classic work or art.
However, in my lab I would interpret it as bundles of optical fibres creating mayhem.

Abi said...

Did you -- did you really to -- call them sperms immature?

BTW, what the hell are they doing? And, what kind of magnification is the picture at? What are all those wonderful -- modern art-ish and baske weave-ish -- brushstrokes?

Abi said...

Um, just make that first sentence (in my previous comment) read:

Did you -- did you really dare -- call them sperms immature?

samudrika said...

But would optical fibres have that bulge in the middle

Thanks for dropping by!
The magnification is 630X. Sperms can be immature but they are just not called that(Immature sperm are called spermatids). The maturation process takes place in bundles of 64 cells. You can see the bundles with the 'brushstrokes' which are the spermatids. This is the penultimate stage of maturation where the extra cytoplasm is removed to make the sperms more streamlined.
They have been stained with Rhodamin-phalloidin to visualise the actin (a cytoskeleton component) and have been imaged with a Zeiss Optigrid System (Apotome).
Hope this makes sense!

musafir said...

i didn't look carefully enough to understand that. now that u tell me...... no optical fibres probably will not have those bulges.

The explanation looked real cool, though i must confess it was way above my head, too difficult a topic !!!!

kray said...

@ samu + musa: they would if there is some major punga with storage, eg. irregular heating.. okay i'm kidding, waise op-fib's looking that thin on 630x magnification! my dream!!!

make that former dream.

Aghori said...

hey how do you include photos in your blogs

Aghori said...

BTW, what is immature in this ... the fruit fly or its sperm

samudrika said...

You can add photoes via a small icon just above the part where you write your post.
The sperms are immature!

Ozymandias said...

You remind me of another researcher I know with an interest in physics, biology and Drosophila sperm!

demon_masque said...

Those are lovely images. I'm actually looking for folks who are using structured illumination for image acquisition in sperm. Especially more early embryo stuff.

Do you know anyone?

Do you do any 3-D acquisitions - I always love the axial resolution with the grid technologies.

Keep up the good work and hope you are past your technical issues