Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Bloginfluence is 105.6

Got this nifty link from this blog.

My influence


The most comprehensive 'blog ranking' system I have come across. It takes into consideration blog links, post links, web links, bloglines subscriptions and Google page rank. To top it all, it has a formula to put each into perspective. Of course, perspective is always a subjective matter.


Vivek said...

I got a 10! :(. :)

Nikhil Joshi said...

now, I see why you were the topper in the previous test on "blogs" really owe them, in terms of research!

Voice Within said...

44 for me.

Voice Within said...

Hey it just became 42 which is perfect!

ah said...

@voice within
I think, even 42 is too hard to hold on to? huhuhu!

Voice Within said...

yeah:) i would rather it be zero, then it dont change no more :)

samudrika said...

Not bad for someone who has just started!

that makes me feel a lot better. thanks. will forgo the therapy now.

@voice within
pretty variable no that things is? not very accurate then.

I think VW writes more for himself than for the rest of the world (which is the way it should always be!) so it does not matter to him.

Btw, kate beats us all with 1000!!

kate said...

whoa...i just went to that site after you posted my result, and it turns out my influence is 1815.8

too much only..:P

samudrika said...

It doubled in a day! calls for a treat no? :P

Tarun said...

Mine is 582.4

Mishra RC said...

Extreme Tracking is really Good one!

samudrika said...

nice website you have there!

@rc mishra
yes truly it is!

CantYouSee said...

Blog Identity Crisis ??