Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Welcome Rain

Mumbai has been hopelessly inundated by a very early monsoon – about two weeks too early. (Was it just yesterday that we were complaining about the temperatures?)

There is something about water falling from the sky that makes hearts soar and minds leap.

Something that goes back to primeval times perhaps when the first life forms arose from the oceans.

When it rains, you just want to stand and stop and stare. Dream a little maybe.

The best place to the see the monsoon break is from the seashore. With the institute close to the ocean, life seems just perfect.

In MEI, the place to savor the pleasure of the first rains of the season is in the library with its full-length glass windows. So you can sample the raging fury of nature and the voluptuous waves of the ocean (that only a monsoon can bring) without actually getting drenched.

Too bad I can’t spend all my time in the library. For now I shall take solace in this glorious picture. (taken by V.L. , I think).


appreciator said...

Rain confuses me! We wait for it soooo long and when it comes around, we cant really go out and take a go at it...

samudrika said...

Well one cant have the cake and eat it too!

Traveler, not tourist said...

What's the use of a cake you wont eat!! Anyway, we don't have monsoon around here. It's freaking hot. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

When it rains, you just want to stand and stop and stare.

You're damn right; there is something mysteriously charming about the rain. The harder it rains, the better it feels even though you know it's going to flood everything around you!

Nikhil Joshi said...
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Nikhil Joshi said...

hey, by mistake, I deleted my comment and now, can't recover it..writting all again

pawasaat bhijayla avadat nahi watata....I do a madhye asatana, I used to leave my umbella in the dept. if it raining, for otherwsie my mom would go crazy, that I go wet keeping it in hand :P....and in TIFR, particularly the beginning of monsoon....I love feeling the force of rain standing in the collonade :)...every year!

I am missing all that :(....especially the familly day outs...when we all together (most of the times, my uncle, aunts, cousines join us) will go to the temple on the hill nearby...walking in the rain :D...a new item in my miss-list :(

samudrika said...

long time no see!
Beyond a certain point when you have start wading through mud etc it starts getting on your nerves.

A very ancient instinct i assure you. something to do with evolution me thinks. dont worry there is always next year.

so do i! missed it this year as the monsoon came so suddenly that i just did not realise. but i was there in the colonade when the first rain was falling.

appreciator said...

I am not so much an expert in these phrases. Can you elaborate?
If I understand it right I would say: let the cake b(m)ake the decison!

And also, it depends on whether you are talking about finite or infinite systems, isn't it?!