Monday, June 12, 2006

Black Pain

Pain and blackness
Swirling in my head
Far into the distance.
Hitting behind my eyeballs

A million sunsets
A thousand moonrises
Flash in my head
Unending possibilities

Cinnamon and scandal
Stories of a suicide
On a lazy Sunday afternoon
heat makes me hallucinate.

When life is no longer worth living,
Should I jump from a building?
Hurl myself into an electric box
Or jump in front of a speeding train?

Unending possibilities.


Voice Within said...

well written! but i hope you are not feeling as depressed as the poem makes me which case, wish you happiness and sunshine...

samudrika said...

your wishes worked. :)

Voice Within said...

well! thats really nice to hear :)

kray said...

wow! unusually dark n distressing! above comments are a relief tho :)