Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ode to the Fly

Flies are such wondrous things.
They buzz, they smell and they flap their wings.
The little critters come in so many colours,
Ebony, apricot, yellow, white and even ambers.
They hatch from an egg to form an adult in ten days
Indeed the grace of God shows in many ways!

In gay abandon they fornicate.
What joy- when with one swish,
Of my forcep, the fly I castrate.


RAVi said...

What joy- when with one swish,
Of my forcep, the fly I castrate.


samudrika said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Well I work on fly spermtogenesis, what do you expect? :)

Anonymous said...


RAVi said...
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RAVi said...

well when u are a guy the word castrate has to be met with an "OUCH !" :)

btw what is spermtogenesis ? Have forgotten all my 12th bio ... :(

and the word castrated reminds me of this joke,hence the "Ouch !" gets louder ...

The operation
Morris was a very uneducated man, but by ruthless means became very rich. The older Morris got, the richer he got, the richer he got, the more women he had, the more women he had, the less use he was to them.
One day, Morris went to the top surgeon in the business and said, “I want to be castrated.”
“You want to be WHAT?”
“I said castrated, my sexual powers are failing. I insist you operate at once.”
The surgeon was a bit dubious, but in view of this last statement, and for a fee of £2,000, he carried out the operation.
Some weeks later, Morris was drinking in his local pub, listening to the conversation at the next table.
“I say, Barney,” said one of the group, do you think there’s any truth to the rumour that if a man gets himself circumcised, it improves his sexual performance?”
Morris quickly left the pub muttering to himself “Circumcised, that was the word I’ve been trying to think of.”