Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Shloka

अश्वं नैव गजं नैव व्याघ्रं नैव च नैव च अजापुत्रं बलिं दद्यात् देवो दुर्बलघातकः

Not a horse, not an elephant, and never a tiger. It is the son of a goat that is sacrificed. Even the Gods are against the weak.

A Shloka I came across on my wanderings. Of course the interpretation of these things is always a subjective issue but I like to look at it as a subtle agnostic snub.

Right now I have no idea which text it is from. Help would be appreciated and acknowledged.


rocksea said...

i like this sloka. wonder where it is from!

pappupager said...

Hey Samudrika,

Thanks for visiting my blog (Bollywood Trivia)and commenting on it. The name of the serial produced and directed by Himesh Reshamaiyya with Shekhar Suman in the lead was Andaz. I think it was sometime in the year 1995-96. He also did the music for that serial.

I've been pretty irregular with updating my blogs. Although it sounds like an excuse, but I've been really caught up at work big time. But I promise to keep updating my blog regularly.

Please do keep visiting my blogs as tha keeps me inspired into writing and updating my blog regularly.

Thanks once again!