Friday, December 30, 2005

Effect on MEI of the IISc incident

By now everyone would know of the incident at the IISc. For those who have just arrived from the Andromeda galaxy, go here for an insiders account.

This post is to chronicle the effect that this incident has had on My Esteemed Institution(MEI) mainly for my readers most of whom I gather are away from MEI but still retain an interest in it.

The first effect was immediate. The gates of the institute were shut immediately and for further protection a small wooden stick was driven through the bolts. Quite innovative!

Next the security guards were actually trying to guard the place, not just playing cards or discussing their children's progress in school or solving the daily crossword in Saamna.

The real pain started the next day. When entering the institute something unusual happened. The guard asked for my I-card - which is a good thing, no doubt. The bad thing quickly followed. My I-card had expired in June.

What followed was a tirade about why I should renew my I-card and how important it is. I made an excuse that I had a lecture to attend and made a quick exit, promising that I will get it renewed soon.

The icing on the cake was yet to come. The lecture was by a Great Scientist from Abroad (GSAB) who incidently had done his Ph.D from IISc! The conversation which I report well and truly happened.

My boss: It is sad what happened in IISc.

Head of Department
: Well, IISc security is almost non-existent.

: That was the beauty of it. We could come and go when we wanted. I have seen all sorts of things happening on the campus.

*Slightly embarrassed silence*

My boss: Now the security will increase.

GSAB: Yes now no more walking around holding hands with your girl-friend!

*Totally embarrassed silence*

Did someone say something about scientists not being good at social conversation?


Tejaswi said...

I spent a summer at IISc, and there was absolutely no security, back then.

I have someting to add to "scientist being good at social conversation". I'm a computer scientist, and my prof(my thesis advisor), was teaching a course on Boolean function manipulation(that's beside the point). He was talking about something in the course, and said that this pattern is seen in algebra also. When none of us made the corelation he started giving hints - "It's a french word", "Begins with an F", and "Not the first word that comes to your mind". He was refering to Fourier Transforms.

Well, who says scientists are not good at social conversations?

kray said...

=))!! Well, I've been subjected to such things during my final project presentation! I never quite managed to figure out if the intention was to throw me off balance, or if it was just the manifestation of a misplaced sense of humour.

ps. what did I ever do to deserve that monicker?!!

samudrika said...

Well said!

I gather that you are referring to the name I gave to your link. Cray-XI is the name of our friendly neighbourhood Supercomputer. Thought you would be flattered.
Will change to Krishnanu Ray if you insist.

kray said...

:D aaha, duly flattered then!