Friday, December 23, 2005

Geekiness gone too far?

Presenting.....the ultimate geek accessory.

A blank keyboard! That's right. The keys are there but they are blank. Nothing insribed on the keys at all. As blank as a black hole.

In case you are flummoxed, their website explains why it is a geek must-have.

If there are no keys to look at when you are typing, you will look down less and therefore will be able to type more rapidly. Soon you will be so fast that you will be the envy of your colleagues and then no other keyboard will do.

They had to coin a new word just to describe the kind of people that would use it - uber-geeks.

See it here!

But my point is that instead of spending such a lot of money why don't I just cover the letters of my keyboard with plastic tape?

In case any of you come across someone who actually buys it let me know....


kray said...

:)) okay won't these ppl have to know what kind of keyboard it is, US, Norwegian, Sun? But then I guess they will know all the different setups, they are uber-geeks after all :D.

Btw, they haven't coined the word, 'uber' means ultimate.

Guess Who? said...

er... if you stick tape over your keyboard for that effect, you're a uber-nerd! (but hey you're at TIFR, you must be a nerd!) :P

Amit said...
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Amit said...

Interesting! Reminds me of the story that Americans were researching on developing an ink-pen which works in space. They failed.
On the other hand, Russians used a pencil in the space!

samudrika said...

I meant its the first time that I came across the combination of words - uber and geek.
Of course I know about uber. It is a word I use often, esp with cool.

@Guess who?
But I will be a uber-nerd who has saved 80$! :)

I read the story of the Russian pencil and American space ink in a forward. I was too lazy to find out if it is true.

Guess who? said...

Jawohl, uber-fuhrer!

And what would you do with 80 bucks? Spend it on something uber-nerdy? :p

Voice Within said...

i like the blank keyboard idea. honestly. :-( i guess i am really challenged socially.

guess who? said...

@voice within: no no! nerds are socially challenged. geeks are cool! :p

samudrika said...

@guess who?
save it up for my ipod!

@voice within
I think you just like challenges - social or otherwise!

Voice Within said...