Sunday, January 08, 2006

I am a stapler.

As a rule I hate quizzes. With their apparently tailored answers, they give you a fake sense of individuality. But they are good enough when you are too bored to think of something original!

Quick and snappy.
You make your own rules and boldly go where no one
has gone before. Some may think you are
arrogant and even rude, while others admire
your keen observations. Not that you really

What kind of blogger are you?
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This one is interesting for two reasons
1) It tells me I 'boldly go where no one has gone before'. Nice to know that I have imbibed some Star Trek principles.
2) I can't, for the life of me, figure out the connection between a stapler and individualism!

New feature!

Currently listening to Hallelujah by Rufus Wrainwright. (For the nth time, no less!)


Dumaketu said...

U'll probably be glad (I hope) to know that I'm in the same boat as yourself! And I totally agree that one cannot 'staple' in one's 'individualism'!

kray said...

I'm 'the guy next door' whose life n thoughts, when told honestly, come out pretty dull and boring :((.

sheesh, I'm too lazy to even put fight and copy the code onto my blog :P.

tejaswi said...

Some trivia. I was utterly jobless one of these vacation weekends. So I rented Shrek DVDs and saw them (both parts), for the n-th time. Now some of the songs started ringing in my head. I bought Holding out for the hero, Livin La Vida Loca, and Accidentally in love, on iTunes. I also wanted to buy the Jennifer Saunder's version, of the Hero song. The stupid iTunes, did not let me buy it(album only it said). I did not want to spend more money, and looked around and found this . Check out the second link. Wish I had found it earlier.

samudrika said...

*relieved*. I thought it was just me who could not understand it.

Laziness is just an optimization protocol. Ahh...always wanted to say that to someone!

Cool link! For now, a friend 'Gnome' provides me all the music that I want. For now, it is a bit hard to spend in dollars when you earn in rupees!

Tejaswi said...

Aah! Tell me about the financial malice of being a grad student!