Monday, January 30, 2006

A poem

To all those people who have loved and lost.

A rose is only as good as hand that chooses her
A poet only as great as the praise from his admirers.
The fact that I like you does not make
you great in anyway.
It makes me greater 'cause I see things in you
that no one else can.


Shanta Laishram said...

Nice Poem! And true also!

samudrika said...

Thanks. What a coincidence! It was written after I read your post. ;)

kray said...

lost being the operative bit here is it?

Nice one btw :)

Traveler, not tourist said...

Nice one. Thanks for the poem.

Shanta Laishram said...

Interesting to know that you posted it after reading my Blog! But I have to tell you that your poem applies to those who loved and found too!

Amit said...

That's why beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!

samudrika said...

Thank you. Lost at sea, perhaps? ;)

@Traveller not tourist
Thank you too. Hope it is useful, maybe.

Loved and lost sounded more melodramatic!

Now where have I heard that before? ;)
Anyways, this was inspired by some faint recollection of a Hindi poem (that was similar to this) which I learnt in in 9th or 10th.I can't remember which. You would be the best person to ask, I think.

kray said...

:)) NOT, thankfully!

Amit said...

Oh really! It might be in B-course of Hindi. Just tell some words from your faint recollection. I'll try to guess.

samudrika said...

I did my schooling with CBSE board. The poem started off with the comparision to a rose and then with a poet/artist. The same theme is reiterated that admirers are greater than the admired becuase they can see things that the admired themselves cannot see. Without the admirers the admired is nothing or something like that.

I cant remember any of the words unfortunately. I tried searching on the net. I cant find it. :(

Amit said...

@Samudrika: No idea, but I am sure it was not there in my books (also CBSE).

samudrika said...

Oh well! No one can say that I did not try.

Amit said...

Twisting brain cells reveals a similar poem from (old) CBSE Class 10 Hindi course, but it does not start with rose :(

Poem is Mrittika (MiTTi) by Naresh Mehta. Starting lines are: "main to maatr mrittika hoon....". This poem shares similar feelings as the poem in your post.

samudrika said...

Do you have a copy of it by any chance?

Amit said...

@Samudrika: I used to have the whole textbook, but it's not with me right now :(

I'll try to recollect some lines:

(Vocabulary: mrittika = miTTi, soil/clay; haal = plough; bhaal = head; videerNa = penetrate; devatva = Godliness)

"main to maatr mrittika hoon
jab tum mujhe haal ke bhaal se
videerNa karte ho
to main annaroopa ho jaati hoon.........

Then some lines like: you make idols out of me and worship me. It is some kind of Godliness within you which can locate God in me.

"aur mere is swaroop ko pehchaanta hua
tumhaara hi devatva

Anonymous said...

I loved that poetry by naresh mehta. Was searching that on net and reached here.

Tarun said...

- नरेश मेहता

मैं तो मात्र मृत्तिका हूँ -
जब तुम
मुझे पैरों से रौंदते हो
तथा हल के फाल से विदीर्ण करते हो
तब मैं -
धन - धान्य बनकर मातृरूपा हो जाती हूँ |

जब तुम
मुझे हाथों से स्पर्श करते हो
तथा चाक पर चढाकर घुमाने लगते हो
तब मैं -
कुम्भ और कलश बनकर
जल लाती तुम्हारी अंतरंग प्रिया हो जाती हूँ |

जब तुम
मुझे मेले में मेरे खिलौने रूप पर
आकर्षित होकर मचलने लगते हो
तब मैं -
तुम्हारें शिशु हाथों में पहुंच प्रजारुपा हो जाती हूँ |

पर जब भी तुम
अपने पुरुषार्थ-पराजित स्वत्व से मुझे पुकारते हो
तब मैं -
अपने ग्राम्य-देवत्व के साथ
चिन्मयी शक्ति हो जाती हूँ |
प्रतिमा बन तुम्हारी आराध्या हो जाती हूँ |

विश्वास करों
यह सबसे बड़ा देवत्व हैं, कि -
तुम पुरुषार्थ करते मनुष्य हो
और मैं स्वरूप पाती मृत्तिका

Unknown said...

thnx...tarun m not gting this poem.thnx..

millie said...

Tarun, I cannot thank you enough for this... I have been looking for this poem Mrittika since years and years... more than 10years now... for some reason I thought the poem was Maithilisharan Gupt and that is why googling the poet brought me no results... I was always fascinated by the last line...
ye sabse badaa devatva hai ki
tum purushaarth karte manushya ho
aur main swaroop paati mrittika

Sulabh said...

Only Naresh Mehta could have used the compound words like "पुरुषार्थ-पराजित" and "ग्राम्य-देवत्व". Thanks for posting the poem. Was looking for this poem. I know its in CBSE Class 10 book but it has been ages. Superb poetry