Friday, January 13, 2006

So what sex is your brain then?

Here is a quiz I came across on the BBC website.

It has been claimed that your brain can be either male or female and that may not have anything to do with your actual sex. (Dont ask me how - neurobiology was never my favourite subject). Therefore, it aims to find out the sex of your brain by asking questions based on surveys of male and female behaviour and comprehension ablities. All very scientific.

A bit time consuming but fun. Keep a scale handy.

What is your sex?

As for me I turned out to be just as female as all the other average females who were tested - not one bit of maleness in me. I was slightly dissappointed as I consider myself a techno-geek and all that. Looks like I will have to hit the mascara and rouge now.

P.S. My cold turkey lasted for much shorter than yours, Kate. Whatever have I got myself into?


Voice Within said...

Nice link. Though I got a few contradictory results about the "empathising" part, two different parts of the quiz say opposite things.

Nikhil Joshi said...

just a little querry: Shall I assume I have got human brain to start with?

samudrika said...

@voice within
That is interesting. What a bundle of contradictions you are! please dont mind my comment on your blog. it was just a joke. Peace!

Me kay bolu? Te prashna vichraycha aadhi zara vichar karayche, na.

To all the others reading this - sorry. I like to use my Marathi once in a while to prevent it from rusting away!

rocksea said...

did half of it. and then i didnt hav a ruler. looked for it, cudn't find. so left it :D

Nikhil Joshi said...

yah, true...but, how will I confirm, I am thinking the human way? I mean, if I think the human way, and reach to the conclusion that it is not a human brain, what should I say? I got a non-human brain, which can think human way or I have got a human brain saying it is not human!

pretty usual

Dumaketu said...

interesting link..'discovered' that I was a full-blooded male (no contradictions there!)

samudrika said...

From you, I would have expected no less!