Thursday, January 12, 2006

Seven signs that you need to join the BA

Seven signs that you need to join the Blogaholics Anonymous.

1) You sleep with a notebook and pen next to your pillow. So that you won't miss a good idea even if you are half-asleep.

2) When you reach the end of a newspaper article, you are dissapointed that no one left any comments.

3) You spend three or more hours everyday, tweaking your template.

4) When something sad/happy happens to you, all you can think of is "How can I blog about this?"

5) You think that "friends" is just another word for "people who link to me".

6) When you understand the difference, you realize you have more of the latter than the former.

7) You no longer recieve any e-mail (mostly because you don't reply to any). People who want to see if you are alive just leave comments on your blog.

The Blogaholics Anonymous meets every Tuesday at the 'Z' block conference room at 9 p.m. right after the Orkutoholics Anonymous meeting.

[As a mental experiment, I am going to go cold turkey for a while. If you see a female going into paroxysms screaming 'I want to blog', that would be me.]

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kate said...

Laying off blogging is really tough - the last break i announced lasted two days..:P
Also, fun post! :)

Nikhil Joshi said...

How come, all the seven apply to me and still not a member of BA?

Amit said...

Add one more point:

8) A Blogaholic promises herself to take a break and still checks her and others' blogs n times everyday!

samudrika said...

Praise is always welcome. Glad to make someone smile.

You are too disciplined, Nikhil for all that.

Point taken.

Nikhil Joshi said...

huuh, modest way to say, that I am aged to do all that! cool....

Dumaketu said...

oh boy..that was a good one...after a week of strife *right-hand-on-forehead-in-martyr-style* (whatever that is!) *grin*

Anonymous said...

I have all those signs. So I got myself an anonymous blog. BTW, nice post. Thanks.