Saturday, November 26, 2005

Anatomy of an MEI scientist

MEI (My Esteemed Institution) scientist male

1) Faded kurta or jeans. Both for better effect.

2) Absolutely vacuous look on the face.

3) Snob. You have to have at least five meaningful scientific conversations with him before he even acknowledges you.

4) Must have one of following charactersitics (long hair or overgrown beard or pipe or must publish in big journal(*) every month)

5) Can discuss the beginning of the universe and the latest administration fiasco in the same breath.

6) Thinks that that world outside MEI is a big, bad place.

MEI scientist female will be another post. I promise.

*- big journal means one with impact factor of more than 10.


wandering dervish said...

bravo, bravo!
i would say 2 meaningful scientific conversations. and *not* really a snob. really. and not necessarily a paper factory:-)

awaiting the female post.

Voice Within said...

I pray which institution are you in? I am struggling to get my second paper started and the first paper is in a journal with impact factor of approx. 8. I am feeling depressed :-( and I thought i was doing ok?

samudrika said...

@wandering dervish - A million thank you's for being the first one to post on my blog. I had almost started believing that I was talking in a vaccuum.

The female post next!

@voice within - I am not quite ready to disclose the name of My Esteemed Institution. I assure you though that it is famous enough for you to have heard of it. ;)