Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy Diwali

It was Diwali yesterday - supposed to be the festival of light. A time for feasting, gambling, firing crackers and generally having fun.

I did none of those things.

In fact I had a fight with my mom.

Well, on this day we are supposed to get up early and have a ritual bath with scented soap and all that. But sleeping is one of the essential things in my life like oxygen. I slept late the earlier day and therefore woke up late on the day of Diwali which for my mother is sacrilege beyond forgiving.

Then she started nagging me about how I am going to get married soon and therefore I should learn a few things or else what will I teach my kids etc etc.

This resulted in me becoming more glum than before and to add to all that my teeth started hurting like bad (i got my braces fitted three days ago - more about that in another post!). So things were just downhill from there. No diwali cheer for me!

As for sweets, well one cant have them with braces on right? Each bite reminds me of the importance of my incisors!

No crackers, because i dont like the headache involved with buying them and lighting them? even though i do like seeing them.

No gambling, since I am against the idea of putting money into something which will get me nothing when the money is better spent at the neighborhood cake shop anyways..

So what kind of a diwali did i celebrate? like i told you my life is in a mess right now.....

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