Sunday, November 06, 2005

more upbeat

someone near and dear to me commented that my blog is too depressing.

here i try to justify myself.

it is supposed to be like that! it is going to serve as an emotional dump for me and i will be dumping all my negative emotions there....i mean why would i want to dump nice happy emotions? i have a short supply of those anyways.

just to offset that, here i list five things that make me happy right now.

1) listening to the soundtrack of "pirates of the caribbean". i can almost see in my minds eye Johnny Depp and his swagger.

2) that fact that i am going to get my first ipod on monday. that gives me a nice happy glow inside.

3) ummm......

4) ohhhh.....still thinking....

5) ahhhh.....*puts hands up in the air and gives up*

this did not turn out to be the nice happy post it was supposed to be.

by the way, this list does not include people so that what you are not mentioned, A.

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