Thursday, November 17, 2005

Star Trek Centrifuges

Centrifuges are devices that are used to increase the g force on an object to increase the sedimentation rate. They consist of a square block of metal with a round disc inside it in which you can put your sample (usually in tubes). They look very ugly. The big ones are terrible . The small ones are better. Here is a picture of the one we use frequently in the lab.

I went to a neighbouring lab today and I came across a very sleek looking dome like thing.

Me: what is this? is this a sovenir of the IMAX dome? a miniature replica?

She: No

ME: then is it some sort of paper weight?

She(with a Cheshire cat smile): No

ME(desperate now): Then what is it? pleeaaasse tell me!!!

She: A centrifuge....

ME (stunned into silence, struggling to get words out of my mouth): ummm..yeahh...

It was a amazingly sleek dome like thing. I mean, if it was in my lab then I would use it just for the sake of experiencing its utter smoothness.

So aerodynamic like something out of Star Trek. Almost, as if you would press a few buttons and say "Open hailing frequencies" then there would a reply in Klingon.

What if all the instruments in the lab were to become sleek and good looking? What would the future lab look like?

Epilogue : The dreamer/poet in me was ecstatic. The scientist in me wondered "But is the centrifuge any good?"

The pictures are from here.

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