Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gulf Asian English School

I went to judge an inter-school debate competition today. That made me extremely nostalgic about my school. I remembered all my school days and the fun that we had.

I did my schooling in a land far, far away. I have been in Bombay for three years then went off to do my Masters in a city (not so far,far away but this I am not going to tell you).

During my Bachelors the pain of leaving a country I had grown up in, was too much and I did not talk to anyone. My Masters friends I realised later were too CENSORED to have a meaningful conversation with. Anyways, the result of all this, is that I do not have one single close friend in the city of my birth - Majhi Mumbai.

The only close friends that I can last recall were my school friends which brings me to the subject of my post. I left my school exactly 10 years ago in 1995. Yep, that was my school name. Gulf Asian English School. Nothing fancy or pretensios like St. Pauls blah blah. (It was earlier called Sharjah Montessori School.)

When we seperated we knew full well that we would never meet up again. Indeed our last words were "We will meet....in the next life!"

But now it the age of the Internet and I have hopes that we will meet up. I so desperately want to talk to them if only to ask them how they are doing and whether they are alright.

I guess putting their names on the Internet is as good way as any of getting in touch with them.

So here goes.

Ishrat Jahan Haque, Anees Fathima, Niketa Jethani, Somia Khan, Huda Parveen, Yasmin Akhter, Bilquis Khannum, Protima, Masuma, Afshan

Vishal G. Nair, Vikas G. Nair, Shah Imran, Nawaz Khan, Salim, Shane Mathew, Devendrajit Singh, Abdul Rahim, Jerry T. George, Manesh Jacob, Bejoy Issac, Beniyl Mugudan, Jacob Mathew(my oldest friend by far - I have know him since I was in Kindergarten!), Jehangir Khan, Shane Mathews, Reji George(?)

In fact with Jacob Mathew, I remember an incident where I my mother had packed my favourite biscuits for my lunch. I fell and the entire contents spilled out. Jacob helped me up and even offered to share his lunch with me. That was when we were 6!

The girls and guys names are seperate in the spirit of segregation. People who did their schooling in the Middle East would know what I am talking about!

Since I am at it, I will see if I can remember their siblings

Abaraham Mathew, Salma Fathima, Juveriyah Fathima, Malan Begum, Sumbul Khan, Shelly Mathews, Hitesh Jethani.

Cool! Quite good. Now if Lord Google will bestow his benevolence on me.....


Guess who? said...


samudrika said...

Oh! Here you are again.
When I wrote that I really was not thinking, so I dont know what to say!

Manesh Jacob said...

Hey Samudrika, I just cant believe this. I happened to search for Sharjah Montessori School to cherish some nostalgic memories and your blog sprung up. And even more I couldnot believe my eyes when yo wrote my name in your blog along with Benils and Jacobs. I havent been in touch with you guys since I left and there you are even remembering my last name. I wont lie to you by saying that I remember you in detail even now but I definitely would like to restart from where we left off as toddlers. Mail me at maneshjacob@gmail.com and visit my blog http://spaces.msn.com/maneshjacob/

Jacob Mathew said...

Babe , i have to admit i dont remeber u, but u seem to remeber me pretty well!!! i mean u still remeber my full name!
Jacob Mathew
I dont know how these blog sites work ..this is the second time ,i'm typing it in...
Manesh and Bela called me out of nowhere and i coulnt help searching for my ol buddies. I cant even go thru my ol photos since i left all my photos at home when i shifted to Delhi.
my id : jakesnight@yahoo.com

sadia said...

Oh my Lord! this is crazy, I was hoping to find someone from GAES I was probably your junior with Sumbul Khan and 2 or 3 year junior to Jehangir Khan.

Malan Begun was the singer I remember.

Ishrat Jahan Haque, Anees Fathima, Niketa Jethani, Yasmin Akhter, Bilquis Khannum (Jehangir's Sister), Protima, Masuma, Afshan man they used to hang out together and i used to sometimes when allowd would try and be part of the group. It was FUN.

I recall going to "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayen Gay"- Sharjah cinema hall---(cant remember the name) with the whole gang. Vishal G. Nair and Vikas G. Nair. I remember sitting in between vikas and Jehangir.

If any of you by chance run into this blog, do contact me at: sadiaGAES@gmail.com

anees said...

hi samudrika
well i thought i knew everyone in school but u' i don't remember u at all.i m anees.well u seem to even remember my sisters.u havent mentioned bela .n u sound a lot like her
.well good to know i m remembered.

Jahangir said...

Hi Samudrika !

Ok now this is quite weird.. that you remember all these ppl and i dont remember you.. i am sure you where junior @ that time.. Its me Jahangir Khan. Can you imagine that this blog was forwarded to me by someone who is not from GAES. anyways doesn’t matter.. I am in touch with almost all the people you mentioned.. so you get in touch with me to get in touch with them.. how does that sound.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Samudrika

Well 5 years down the line theis blog pops up from nowhere on my system and the starange thing was that you seem to know quite a bit of the 1994,1995 and 1996 batch that is good remembering your roots. I hope you have gotten in touch with you friend if not the single point pf contact can be Jahangir he is a true buddy he is in touch with everyone so he can really help you out on it. All The best

Waqas Khalid

anthonydavis said...

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