Sunday, November 13, 2005


These are movies that I am just dying to see. But I will not get to see them for a few months at least. The place where I live movies are always released at least 3 months after everywhere else.

1) The Libertine - The main reason that I am looking forward to this is Johnny Depp. The other is I love the idea of a rebel who breaks rules and the third is I love period pieces. There has been a lot of buzz in IMDB that his performance has been excellent in the movie. This movie might finally get him that long awaited oscar! This will be Johnny Depp at his darkest best.

2) Memiors of a Geisha - This stems from my interest in Japanese culture. It is a sad story about how her family actually was very poor. One very moving scene in the book is about how she is forced to pleasure a shopkeeper (so that he will give her money for a ticket to leave the city) while her brother waits outside for her in the rain. She becomes a Geisha who was so accomplished that she could entice a man with one look. Doesn't Ziyi Zhang (who plays the lead role) look absolutely fabulous in this picture?

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